Social Bookmarking Packages

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We currently have 6 Packages.

1) 250 Social Bookmarking, $7.5
2) 500 Social Bookmarking, $15
3) 750 Social Bookmarking, $22.5
4) 1000 Social Bookmarking, $30
5) 1250 Social Bookmarking, $37.5
6) 1500 Social Bookmarking, $45

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Unique domains: All of social bookmarking sites will come from unique domain.

EXACT URL Report : When we finish social bookmarking your site, we'll come back to you with report where the bookmarked urls was placed, so you can run later Scrapebox or Xrumer blasts on those to make them even more powerful.

Fast delivery (order will be completed within 24 Hours, sometime less)


I heard about the Sandbox?
Yes my son plays in it almost every day and he loves it. Don’t worry about it.

How big of an issue is duplicate content?
Well a social bookmark isn’t content. But if you are worried then spin the Title, Description and Tags really well

What can I do with the URL list?
You can double check our work. Check which links are indexed and which aren’t, and get them indexed. To get more power out of these links we recommend that you run Scrapebox or Xrumer blasts on them.

The Social Bookmarking Service:

The things you have to provide: Title, Description, Tags (these three are all spinnable), Category (which category fits best your URL), URL

To avoid duplicate content issues. You can give us as many text variations as you want or you can leave the spinning to us, we will do it for free. (For BEST results we recommend 3 titles (keywords) and for BEST results the keywords should be included in the description)

For optimal results please provide up to 3 URLs (we can handle more but the results will be diluted )

The links that you get are one-way and permanent; no reciprocal links involved.

Huge IP Diversity, almost all the sites are on different IPs. We currently have around 2000 social bookmarking sites we use, almost all the sites are on different IPs.

The user names are randomized, so almost on all the sites where we bookmark, you will have different username.

Your site is not English? No problem we can handle it.
Estimated Time of delivery: 3 days or less (no matter what).

We respect your privacy and 1 account will only house 1 link (no nonsense).
After the bookmarking is finished we will provide a detailed report. This report contains: the

EXACT URL where the bookmark was placed and the pagerank of the sites.

Cheap Social Bookmarking Service

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  1. Get quickly indexed in popular SEs
  2. Submission Done 100% Manually
  3. Get Complete Submission Report Regularly
  4. Get Quality Traffic & Increase Web Presence


Social Bookmarking Service Overview :

Social bookmarking refers to the action of tagging a particular site and saving it for use at a later date. In this case however, the web pages are actually saved on the web rather than on the web browser. This is the catch point here as it is on the web it is always accessible online and you can share it easily with your group of friends.

Almost all top notch SEO companies implement Social Bookmarking service and consider it a very important tool which enables them in getting linked to numerous sites like forums, blogs, and message boards on different blog sites as well as social networking sites. And for the kind of benefits it reaps in many SEO experts do consider this method as an ideal alternative to website submission on various blogs.

Our Social Bookmarking team will ensure that your website is indexed first for your target audience. The sites that have good page rank and top quality content are considered for this. They make use of various search algorithms and submit your website to the top social bookmarking sites.

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